Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lola's 1st Birthday

I was definitely more excited about this occasion than Lola! I didn't have much planned for decoration but I used what I had and did a bit of crafting to give a party feel to our little home. Despite the fact that she had no idea she had just turned one, or would even remember the party, I wanted some good photos for her album.

I pulled out some pretty bunting I already had stored from my old treasure chest, where I keep things for decorating and strung it above our dining table. Next, I brought out a foot print I did of Lola's feet when she was just one month old, I put this on the window sill next to some pretty candle holders.

For table decor I left the wood finish, rather than using a table cloth. I popped a bunch of vintage paper straws in a glass jar. I had some cute pastel pink serviettes in the cupboard and placed them on the table. I made a nice light lunch to fill the table, small cut sandwiches on our three tier star cake stand, carrot and cucumber sticks in a glass bowl humus on the side, scrambled egg, salad...

I'm keeping Lola off wheat and sugar as long as I can so you can imagine it wasn't easy when it came to the birthday cake. My mother, a health fanatic had come up with a delicious sugar-free, wheat-free banana bread recipe, which used spelt flour instead of wheat and the sweetness of banana along with molasses for the sweet. This I made, and placed on a pretty white royal cake stand we got as a wedding gift. I cut out little triangles from a pink and white piece of material and sewed them together for the cake bunting.

I made Lola's party hat from shimmery pink card which I brought from a small art shop in town, formed it into a cone shape and stapled elastic either side. Easy as pie! I loved it... Even though Lola only wore it for ten minutes, I managed to get a good photo.